Kitchen Storage Takes Advantage of Every Square Inch!

Usually when we talk about custom cabinets we refer the custom look with the attention to detail, “full overlay” doors, molding and custom woodwork, etc. And you get all that with CabinetReface, but what most Kansas City Custom Storage Solutionshomeowners get really excited about is the custom storage space we can create. You’ve lived with your kitchen cabinets, cabinets designed by someone else, for years. That someone didn’t know you or you or your lifestyle. But now you have the opportunity to design your own cabinets. You know exactly what you like and don’t like about them and which features you wish you had in your cabinets. With CabinetReface, you can have them all!

Just tell us which features you like and we’ll find a way to incorporate them into your existing cabinets. The options are many so make sure you check them all so you don’t miss any. Here is a list of storage solution options:

  • Lazy Susan Shelf – do you have a corner cabinet that’s basically a waste of space because items get pushed to the back and you forget you even have them? Solve that problem with a Lazy Susan spinning shelf. Now, items in the back rotate to the front with a spin of the shelf.
  • Half-Moon Pivot Pullout – do you have a blind cabinet in a corner that extends so far back you could never see anything? Similar to Lazy Susan, our half-moon pivot pull-out shelf comes forward and then swings out to give you easy access to anything way in the back.
  • Pull Out Shelves – no more getting down on your hands and knees to see what’s on that bottom shelf. Our pull-out shelves glide out easily and support heavy items like pots and pans with ease. Pull-out shelves are popular in pantries as well. No more wasted outdated food buried in the back.
  • Pull-Out Waste Baskets – these are great for hiding your waste basket in a cabinet but still having easy access. It keeps pets out of the trash as well.
  • Tip Out Trays – usually, the faux drawer in front of the sink is just wasted space. Convert it into a tip out tray to store scrubbers, scrapers and other dishwashing tools. They are always at your fingertips yet hidden from view. They work great in the bathroom too.
  • Built-in Bread Bin – tired of seeing your bread out on the counter. This easy solution keeps bread fresh but hides it in a drawer freeing up precious counter space and de-cluttering your kitchen.
  • Desks – we can add a desk where no desk was before, convert a desk to accept useful file drawers, or even take out a desk and replace it with more useful storage cabinet.
  • Built-in Shelves – convert a cabinet into built-in shelves for displaying knick knacks.
  • Wine Cabinet – built-in wine cabinets look beautiful and are practical too. Your wine will always be handy and the beautiful cabinet will display it elegantly. A wine rack definitely says “custom” cabinets.
  • Under-cabinet Wine Glass Hanger – the perfect complement to your built-in wine cabinet, an under-cabinet wine glass hanger adds elegance and style.
  • Drawer Organizers – our rolling tray system offers a complete collection of tray kits that fit virtually any kitchen drawer and organizational need. It gives you the ultimate flexibility to end clutter forever.
  • Drawer Conversions – Base cabinets that have doors can easily be converted to two deep drawers–that offer easier access to pots and pans–by adding a horizontal frame piece and two new drawers.